There is a demand for a response to brokenness, emptiness, starvation, loneliness, sickness, violence, destruction, destroyed relationships, divided households, and financial struggle. Culture and society have been discipling our communities throughout time leaving them to reap a harvest of emptiness. Yes, this is reality! And as people needing truth, we live with a sense of hope that things can be better than they are. There are churches on every other block and many closed doors with empty pews. And the reality is that we are still waiting to hear good news, in search of answers and community.  The answer is not another “church,” but a community where God can be God and everyone is welcomed and loved.

New Community Life is a multi-cultural, non-denominational, economically diverse community where the Kingdom of God is at hand! It is a community that longs to be a true representation of Heaven here on earth and a dwelling place for the fullness of God. It is a group of people who are living, vibrant and committed to carrying a presence that will impact every realm of culture and society. A community where God is at work in bringing forth deliverance, restoration, reconciliation, and resurrection to people of all nations and generations and unifying them together as one, in a community where God can be God and everyone is welcomed and loved. Jesus Christ serves as the Lord, King, and “Good News” of New Community Life and works in the lives of its members to love God, love people and change the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is Jesus who sets our standards, establishes our culture, and promotes the way of life for us to live.

New Community Life is a vehicle for bringing a high expectation, faith, and hope for many persons to not only have an experience but, a relationship with God. We are committed to never limit our experience with Jesus Christ and are confident in His abiding love and power. As we collectively apply the principles of God’s Kingdom, God is faithful every time that we meet to do things far beyond what we are capable of putting into words. Come see for yourself. You are welcome here!

© 2017 New Community Life

100 N. Roan St. 

Johnson City, TN 37601

(423) 268-3858


Sunday Gathering 12:00 PM
Tuesday Gathering 7:00 PM

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